Acutonics From Galaxies to Cells

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Pisté Foundation Vision and Actions

By Sylvia Pelcz-Larsen, President and Founder

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Driving the vision to create Pisté was a deep recognition that now more then ever as we face catastrophic global events.

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What is Acutonics®

Acutonics is an integrated approach to health care and education that incorporates ancient Taoist teachings of the meridians, pre-meridians, and the immortal body with sound. By blending our knowledge of Oriental Medicine, Cosmological Studies, Depth Psychology, Contemporary Science, and Sound Healing principals, a powerful and innovative methodology has evolved that is deeply harmonic and spiritually based. This form of energy medicine is based on sound vibration. The powerful sounds of the Universe are brought into the therapeutic world through the use of precision calibrated planetary tuning forks and symphonic planetary gongs to help you achieve optimal health.

This system was co-developed by Donna Carey, LAc, and has evolved over the past sixteen years through the combined efforts of Donna, Ellen Franklin, and more than fifty Acutonics Instructors who teach this work around the globe. There are also hundreds of practitioners that integrate this modality into their clinical work, and contribute to the growing body of research through their case study documentation.

Acutonics has been integrated into many western medical environments with client populations that are critically ill, young children, and the needle phobic. It is a modality that makes the basic principals of Oriental Medicine and energy medicine accessible in a non-invasive way and provides an adjunct therapy that can be easily integrated into the practice of Oriental Medicine, Massage and Bodywork, Nursing, Psychology, Physical Therapy, and many other health care disciplines.

We also provide people with tools that support their journey toward optimal health, through sound healing education and basic self-care technique. Acutonics Ohmworks® is a full program designed for home use.

Solar 7th


The yang of the Sun is balanced by the Low Ohm to support increase vitality, warmth, growth, and initiative.

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Tuning Forks