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Pisté Foundation Vision and Actions

By Sylvia Pelcz-Larsen, President and Founder

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Driving the vision to create Pisté was a deep recognition that now more then ever as we face catastrophic global events.

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Case Studies

For more than 15 years Donna Carey has been using sound in her clinical practice with extraordinary results. It was her combined understanding of the deep, lasting, and powerful impact that sound and vibration play in healing that led to the development of the Acutonics® Tuning Forks and the integration of other sound healing tools such as Tibetan Bowls, didgeridoos, sound plates and Planetary gongs. From her experience and the many case studies we've seen from our practitioners, it is clear that this integrated healing system is having profound and lasting results on the people who have been treated.

We've seen stroke victims regain mobility and paraplegics begin to feel pain, where there has been no sensation for many years. A Bell's Palsy client experienced her face realigning as twitching ceased, and long-time insomniacs have found it possible to sleep. Chronic and debilitating sinusitis has been eliminated with Ohm Fork treatments, and more importantly clients can be taught self-care and application. Asthma has also been treated with great affect, allowing people to get off steroids and inhalers. More recently, we have seen life long, chronic and debilitating intergenerational family patterns begin to break down with a treatment program that integrates use of the Acutonics® Planetary and Chiron Forks.

The following stories and cases are just the beginning of what we will offer in the future. We invite your feedback, research or case histories for inclusion in future materials. Please e-mail us at to receive the format for submission.

NOTE: Acutonics® and Harmonic Medicine are powerful forms of healing. If you are suffering from a serious health problem we suggest that you work in collaboration with the appropriate members of your health care team.

Editors note: The names of all clients, human or animal have been changed to protect their privacy.

Effect of Acutonics® for Chronic Back, Hip and Knee Pain with Fibromyalgia

Maren Good, CMT

ABSTRACT: This case study demonstrates the efficacy of Acutonics treatment form chronic pain conditions. A 52 year old woman was treated for long term fibromyalgia with secondary complaints of chronic back, hip and knee pain resulting from injuries and surgeries. She was on disability leave from her job and experienced difficulty with balance and mobility. Her energy was low. Acutonics treatment was directed at building energy supporting structure and circulating energy. Acutonics tuning forks and other sound healing instruments were applied to points on and over the body to build energy from the core to the subtle fields. After the first treatment the patient felt more balanced and stable. Subsequent treatments performed over a period of four months resulted in decreased pain, improved mobility and improved spirit. She returned to work part time at the time of this case report.

KEY WORDS: Chronic pain, hip and knee pain, low energy, fibromyalgia, extraordinary vessels.

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Effect of Acutonics® for Heart Palpitations

Frances Dachelet, RN, LAc

ABSTRACT: This case study demonstrates the effective use of Acutonics in treatment of a 40 year-old man with intermittent heart palpitations for a duration of one month. Western medical work-up revealed no specific functional heart disorders. The patient also experienced anxiety and stress and used alcohol to diffuse them. There is a family history of alcohol related problems. Acutonics treatment was directed at calming his spirit, slowing his heart rate and respiration, and strengthening his kidneys to anchor his heart and lungs. Acutonics tuning forks were applied to points on the body for grounding, nourishing and calming the heart, for tonifying the kidney energy and balancing intergenerational patterns. After the first treatment, the patient reported feeling calm and rested with cessation of heart palpitations. Subsequent treatments were directed at balancing the emotional-spiritual roots of the patient’s anxiety and familiar issues. The patient reported no return of the palpitations and much less intense reactions to stressors. He has stopped using alcohol and is considering programs to support him in continuing to avoid alcohol use.

KEY WORDS: Intermittent heart palpitations, calming, kidneys, grounding, calming, tonifying, emotionalspiritual, intergenerational patterns, liver qi stagnation, and shen disturbance.

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Effect of Acutonics® for Fibrocystic Breasts

Susan Goldstone, LAc, Dipl Ac, MA, LMBT

ABSTRACT: Fibrocystic breast disease is a frequently diagnosed disorder. This case report illustrates that Acutonics has been successful in treating fibrocystic breasts. A 44 year-old woman had been receiving acupuncture treatment for benign breast cysts for six months with some improvement in symptoms (decreased size of the cysts and decreased pain). She then began Acutonics treatments to continue to deal with the fibrocystic breast disease and secondary complaints of PMS and stress resulting from a “type-A workaholic” lifestyle. The patient’s energetic imbalances were assessed as: Liver Qi and Blood Stagnation, Spleen Qi deficiency, and blockage of the heart and throat charkas. Acutonics tuning forks were applied to points to open the chest, circulate stagnant emotional energy, move the liver qi and blood, nourish the spleen energy and open the heart and throat charkas. Points were treated to promote healing and nurturing energy to help the patient to open to new ways of seeing herself. After the initial Acutonics treatment the patient felt calm and her spirits were lifted. After 2 more treatments at one month intervals the patient reported feeling emotionally balanced and also reported a significant decrease in the size and texture of the largest of the cysts. The patient continued to experience a feeling of emotional shifting to greater balanced and relief of symptoms of stress. The breast cysts continued to decrease in size.

KEY WORDS: Fibrocystic breasts, pms, blood stagnation, liver qi deficiency, Type A personality, and energy blocks.

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Effect of Acutonics® for Not Exactly Bronchitis

Sylvia Pelcz-Larsen, MSOM, LAc

ABSTRACT: This case illustrates the use of Acutonics tuning forks in the treatment of an emotional imbalance manifesting physically as bronchitis-like symptoms. Additionally, strategies are shown for addressing Kidney Yin Deficiency generating heat, dampness and heat underlying chronic candida. Point choices and frequency intervals are clearly explained for the energetic imbalances and the incorporation of crystals along with Acutonics tuning forks is mentioned. Follow-up the day following the treatment revealed resolution of the bronchitis-like symptoms.

KEY WORDS: Kidney yin deficiency, bronchitis, microcosmic orbit, decline of lung qi and grief.

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Effect of Acutonics® for Sleep Disturbance and Pain of the Knee and Hypochondriac Region

Sunanda Harrell-Stokes, LAc

ABSTRACT: This case study describes the use of Acutonics treatment for complaint of insomnia affecting an 80 year-old woman, as well as flank pain, poor appetite and right sided knee pain. It illustrates step by step methodology of Acutonics tuning fork application and illustrates creative use of a Tibetan bowl for treating internal cold obstruction of the digestive system. After one treatment the client reported decreased pain in flank and knee and improved sleep pattern.

KEY WORDS: Insomnia, poor appetite, sleep disturbances, hypochondriac pain, tonify and move qi.

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The yang of the Sun is balanced by the Low Ohm to support increase vitality, warmth, growth, and initiative.

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